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Want a Fabulous Third Act of Life? Begin With Your Truth About Aging.

7404197414_8a55dcc43f_o7407550458_e3f396be18_oThe quality of a life is defined not by its length, but by its depth, its actions and achievements.              –Ann Patchett, best-selling author of Bel Canto and six other novels-

People often tell me they have no idea what they want to do or even where they want to live for the last half of third of their life. Not a clue, they say.

I don’t believe this is the truth.

Contemplate you-growing-old-with-a-life-to-live for ten minutes -write down something or don’t. Some of what you want and more of what you don’t want will be identified. 

For example:

  • Work eighty hours a week? No.
  • Work at something I hate? Never.
  • Start a new business? Maybe.
  • Travel? Definitely.
  • Make time for more fly fishing? Absolutely.
  • Babysit my grandchildren? Uncertain.
  • Live in Chile? Big no.

Okay, so now we’re getting somewhere – a skeletal beginning for sure – but you can identify a few things after all.

The next biggest mistake people make (after telling the lie that they don’t have any idea what they want their life to be) is presuming they should know. 

How many of us have a subtle and complex understanding of being older until we are older ourselves? How can you know what you want- or what’s good for you – at 50, 60 or 70 when you’re not there yet? (more…)

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Four Things My Grandson Will Never Say About Me

Liam McGuire2 HR-2604

Being a grandparent is one of my new selves – a role never wished for, prayed about or necessary for my wellbeing.

At least that’s how I summed up the role prior to the arrival of this naked-butt cherub above. Life offers up surprises at any age. Liam is one of mine.

Yes, I glow in his presence! I especially love my time alone with him to learn and do and be.

Right now, he returns the glow, and I’d like to keep it that way. His new mind maps images and his ears tune to language – and soon, I’ll be labeled “old person.” That’s okay with me.

All of us blessed with an “old person” – Grandpa T, old aunt Phoebe, a doozy of a neighbor, or a preacher man Elmer – to mold our thinking and ease life’s swirling waters know a contribution was made to our lives to exceed all expectations. We probably didn’t realize how extraordinary and commanding this connection would affect us.

So, I ask myself:

1. How might I live my life well – true to me – yet model a life worth living to a child?

2. How do I ensure my grandson has no reason to impose dreadful indictments associated with old age upon me?
For sure, I’ll ponder #1 for the rest of my life.

But #2 got me thinking. Soon Liam will string together sentences, and his observations will be astute, unprompted and … judgmental.


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Five Steps to Find Your Dream Job for the Last Third of Life

A wish for fulfilling work can roar to life at any age. It often seems a promise we must keep. So, we hunt and hunt and hunt, and often are still hunting for the “dream job” in our 50s and 60s.

Many howl with pride that they have found and do “the work they are meant to do.” We try not to hate them.

Many continue to seek “purposeful work” while others have determined their lives will go on forever without a hint of this elusive and mysterious phenomena.

If you’ve bombed at finding the dream job your entire life or settled in to a less fulfilling career for one reason or another, you’ll want to take another crack at the dream job thing.

Why? Because authorities on people in their eighties – the “new old” – champion pithy sayings backed by solid research on how to get the best from a life of longevity.


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Older and Wiser? Not on Your Life.

La Recoleta Cemetery has 4691 above ground vaults.
La Recoleta Cemetery has 4691 above ground vaults.
Hailed as one of the 10 most beautiful by CNN, La Recoleta covers 14 acres in a neighbor-hood of Buenos Aires.
Hailed as one of the 10 most beautiful by CNN, La Recoleta covers 14 acres in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.


There are 80 cats at the Recoleta cared for, spay/neutered and fed twice a day.
There are 80 cats at the Recoleta cared for,spay/neutered and fed twice a day.

Are you waiting for the moment when your hair turns white and you become patient and wise? Do you think as you age you will become wiser?

Don’t depend on it.

If you were wise at 30, perhaps you’ll be wise at 60, but most of us weren’t wise at 30. 

Growing older does not make you wiser -a grueling but smart disappointment to grasp facing the precipice of a new life stage.

What is the “smart” part of this disappointment? That would be to rely on the truth of your experiences and the information at hand, then make a move or don’t make one. (more…)

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