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After a successful, dynamic career in leadership development, executive coaching, speaking and facilitation, Barbara’s look over the threshold to traditional retirement failed to inspire. It wasn’t for her.

“What’s next?” The answer challenged Barbara and confronts millions of individuals facing a 30-year bonus of productive longevity.

Barbara’s experience taught her that the transition to find a late-in-life groove is difficult, confusing and take far too long. It should not have been so hard.

Her story and motivation to help others inspired the launch of www.inventivelifepost50.com that gives Post50 individuals tools and strategy to design and live extraordinary in the last third of life. She curates research and interviews on aging, retirement, un-retirement, productive longevity, wellbeing and happiness into a voice for a new way of designing a long life.

Her previous book, THE TRANSPARENCY EDGE: How Credibility Can Make or Break You in Business (McGraw-Hill, ©2004), chosen by Fast Company magazine as a “Book of the Month” was written with her daughter, Elizabeth Pagano, an award-winning business journalist, the book has been translated into four languages, including Spanish and Chinese, and has been among Bookscan’s list of 50 best-selling new business books in America. It hit #7 on Barnes & Noble’s list of bestselling business ethics books.

Barbara and her daughter’s earlier start-up, yourSABBATICAL, was kicked off after returning from their own six-month sailing adventure during which they sailed alone for 2000 miles on a 43-foot sailboat named “Revival.” Pushing a little boat through the water was hard work especially for two inexperienced sailors. They learned that there is a high return value –personally and professionally – in stepping out of work for a period of time.

Fierce advocates for the sabbatical movement, they started yourSABBATICAL.com, a research and strategy firm with tools and resources for assessing the value of existing or new sabbatical programs as well as knowledge of current trends and best practices in sabbatical initiatives. yourSABBATICAL is a 2009 winner of the Moving into the Future Award present by the Conference Board.

Articles by and about Barbara have been published in Fast Company, Investor’s Business Daily, Consulting to Management, The New York Times, and American Executive, among others.

Barbara’s habit of designing 3-month solo work/life adventures in falling down colonial cities in Latin and South America is indicative of how the last third of life can combine freedom, work and joy. The rest of the time she resides on the Gulf Coast with her husband where she cycles daily along a road overlooking sugar sand beaches.





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