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Four Things My Grandson Will Never Say About Me

Liam McGuire2 HR-2604

Being a grandparent is one of my new selves – a role never wished for, prayed about or necessary for my wellbeing.

At least that’s how I summed up the role prior to the arrival of this naked-butt cherub above. Life offers up surprises at any age. Liam is one of mine.

Yes, I glow in his presence! I especially love my time alone with him to learn and do and be.

Right now, he returns the glow, and I’d like to keep it that way. His new mind maps images and his ears tune to language – and soon, I’ll be labeled “old person.” That’s okay with me.

All of us blessed with an “old person” – Grandpa T, old aunt Phoebe, a doozy of a neighbor, or a preacher man Elmer – to mold our thinking and ease life’s swirling waters know a contribution was made to our lives to exceed all expectations. We probably didn’t realize how extraordinary and commanding this connection would affect us.

So, I ask myself:

1. How might I live my life well – true to me – yet model a life worth living to a child?

2. How do I ensure my grandson has no reason to impose dreadful indictments associated with old age upon me?
For sure, I’ll ponder #1 for the rest of my life.

But #2 got me thinking. Soon Liam will string together sentences, and his observations will be astute, unprompted and … judgmental.


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