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Five Steps to Find Your Dream Job for the Last Third of Life

A wish for fulfilling work can roar to life at any age. It often seems a promise we must keep. So, we hunt and hunt and hunt, and often are still hunting for the “dream job” in our 50s and 60s.

Many howl with pride that they have found and do “the work they are meant to do.” We try not to hate them.

Many continue to seek “purposeful work” while others have determined their lives will go on forever without a hint of this elusive and mysterious phenomena.

If you’ve bombed at finding the dream job your entire life or settled in to a less fulfilling career for one reason or another, you’ll want to take another crack at the dream job thing.

Why? Because authorities on people in their eighties – the “new old” – champion pithy sayings backed by solid research on how to get the best from a life of longevity.


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