Post50 Manifesto

Life is a story with a beginning and an end.

An inventive life post50 begins with your truth about what you want.

Best friends forever often show up in the second half of life.

Making money is a powerful and good operating principle at any age.

No matter how our lives have unfolded so far, it’s the past.

Daydreaming about “what could be” is the way we begin each stage of life.

No one but you is in charge of the time left and what to do. (You knew that, didn’t you?)

Consciously deliberating options that extend one’s career arc leads to an inventive post50 life.

Surrender to authentic old age when the time comes, not before.

The inventive life post50 is not about ever-new or breathless goals. It’s about freedom.

What you don’t want for your life ahead is the springboard for the work and life you can create.

Uncertainty is a welcome aspect of the inventive life, because all of life is not knowing.

Downsizing anything – work, houses, desires – will not make you more content.

The inventive life guides us to solutions and rich discovery. But we must do the work.

We have always invented our lives. Now, we do it again.

Life will hold some perfect days ahead for you.  Make sure you are available.

Invent your post50 life as if it were the most important thing in the world. Because it is.

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  1. Lisa Grubbs says:

    Can’t wait to read all you have to say in the new year.

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